MySpace Add Me, Block Me, Comment Me, Message Me Contact Buttons for your
MySpace Layouts, Graphics, MySpace Codes, and a ton of other stuff.
Personalize your profile, with our awesome MySpace Contact Button and Button Sets!

Contact Buttons for your MySpace Layout


ALL Spectacularly HOT MySpace Contact Buttons!
Awesome, All original Add Me, Block Me, Comment Me, and Message Me Contact Buttons
for your MySpace profile!!

You can use these custom contact buttons to replace your usual contact table

Hide your old or original contact table or contact box by using the code shown below.
Copy and paste it into your "About Me" section.
Code below is for for Myspace 1.0

To use our custom contact buttons, you first will need to know your MySpace friendID.
There are many ways to find your MySpace friendID number. One such way is to find your MySpace friend ID,
is to log into your MySpace account, then at the top of the page click on "Friends",
then after the page loads, look at the Address URL bar at the top of your browser and the number at the end of the URL,
which can be up to 9 numbers long. This is your friendid number. It should look something like the image below:

To insert these custom contact buttons into your MySpace Profile - Layout, you will need to highlight and copy the code for the
contact buttons of your choice and paste the code into your "About Me" section. You will also need to
Replace the PUT-YOUR-MYSPACE-friendID-HERE part of the code with your own Myspace friendID number.